It's Time To Move

Its that dreadful time again -- packing time. You look around you and all you see are empty boxes waiting to be packed, a huge sofa, a king-sized bed, all yet to be moved. You begin to feel a gut wrenching anxiety, the more you try to motivate yourself to start packing, the more anxiety and procrastination you succumb to. We know that feeling, we hate that feeling, we has to build a business on the very premise of eradicating that awful feeling. We don't ever want you to feel that way ever again, and ask that you let us be your shoulder to lean on.


Lets face if youre like most people, then you are a very busy person, you have over 20 or more things that require your attention on a daily basis-- School, work, family, friends, relationships. You are just one person, you cant do it all alone, so why should packing boxes be one of them?


Our company, LOPA Removals, is not one of the best packing companies in Europe for no reason. We guarantee customer satisfaction, and go as far as to ask that our customers inform us as to the item(s) they intend to pack, so that we provide the suitable size vehicle(s), as well as other requirements for a smooth as swift move. Safe to say that we are always prepared for your relocation needs! Your heavy, valuable items are treated with care and are kept safe and clean on their way to storage, which is why we provide plastic layering for your sofas and beds as they make the transition to storage. To your convenience, our team ensures that your furniture are wrapped on the day of your move, which means there is absolutely no need for you lift a single finger.

Not only do we assist single homes, we also aid large families as well as companies with their packing needs. We are proud to have the most adept, skilled and quick on their feet packers the business has to offer. A swift move done by quality professionals, you peace of mind is all that mattered. Read more information about removals to France.



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